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"I’ll always choose you…"  - Huddy 

My first Huddy video! Well technically my second. I made one years ago. But it was awful and I hated it. I think this one is much better! I hope to make videos for these two more often! I love them so much! I’ll never get over what writers did to them! ugh! So in this video I tried to show more happy moments between them. I tried to show the least amount of angsty stuff as possible ;)

Hope you all enjoy!

- Starg8rocks

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House Week | Day 3: Favorite Ship.

↳Gregory House and Lisa Cuddy. “I was gonna come see you. Figure out where things would go from there.”

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House Week, Day two: Favorite Female Character - Dr. Lisa Cuddy

"Pain happens when you care. Y-you can’t love someone without making yourself open to their problems, their fears. And you’re not willing to do that."

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"You’re the most incredible man I’ve ever known .. You’re always gonna be, the most incredible man I’ve ever known"

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